Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jack is 21 Months!!

my sweet Jack, you are 21 months old. good grief. you are such a busy little boy & no longer my little baby. but, you are LOADS of fun. i mean it, easily the most fun kid i've ever been around. you have this cute ability to make everyone around you smile & have a good time. you are such a joy, and a ham. every day with you is better than the last.

you are weighing in at 25 lbs. you wear a size 18-24 months in clothes. you're in a size 5 shoe & a size 5 diaper. you are 33 inches tall. you are growing up so quickly. we can also tell that you just learning so much. its amazing what you pick up from just watching us. you can now open & close every door, cabinet & drawer in our home. probably not the best thing. we have to keep the front door locked at all times b/c you can just wander outside. you have learned how to knock on doors & say "hello?". its adorable. you can say the following words: truck, dog, duck, TJ, Jenna, sissy, momma, dada, uh oh, hey, no & night night. but most of the time you love to just begin every word with the syllable: da. its hilarious. you also really love animals. you play with your see & say toy every single day. you love to point out the animals & try to imitate their sounds. your favorites are: dog, duck, rooster & horse. you love to point out every single truck that we pass on the road. you get so excited as you scream: "tuck" (your word for truck!) it definitely keeps you entertained when we have to be in the car. you can also buckle your car seat but thank goodness you haven't figured out how to unbuckle it yet! you still love to "help" me around the house. you love to bring me things so that i will say "thank you". you love helping me unload & reload the dishwasher & folding clothes. you have even started trying to bathe Jovie during bath time. you love to pour the water on her head to rinse away the shampoo. its so sweet. you can bring me a diaper when its time to change you & you say "yuck" as we throw it away. you can also take any item & throw it in the trash can.

one of my favorite new things you do is sing. you just make up your own little songs & sing all day long. you sing in the car, as you play, during a diaper change, in the tub & in the tub. it is the sweetest sound i've ever heard. you've also gotten really interested in your bible. you love to bring it to me or dada so that we will read you a story. you point to Jesus in each picture & sometimes you even kiss the page. i'm not sure how much you really understand but it blesses my heart so much. i know Jesus is so happy to know that you love to read His word. we are praying that you come to know him at an early age & serve Him faithfully all of your life. i know He has great plans for you.

you love to point out cars when we take walks. its imperative that you touch every one of them! you also love to play with toy trucks, cars & balls. one of your favorite games is for us to put you on our bed & we wrestle with you or toss you around. you are such a boy. but you are such a sweet boy. at night time, you love to get your cup & your lovie & snuggle with us on the couch or the recliner. i love that time with you. speaking of night time, you are an amazing sleeper. you go to bed around 8:30-9 & you sleep until about 9-9:30 the next morning. you take one two hour nap every day. i usually lay you down between 1-3. i'm so thankful that you are such a good sleeper. it makes my life so much easier!

you are still a pretty good eater. you definitely have your finicky days but for the most part, you are willing to try anything. your new favorite snack is pickles. i think you would eat 4 or 5 at once if i let you! you have learned how to drink from a straw & you are so proud of yourself!

you are such a great big brother. Jovie absolutely adores you. you love to hug, kiss & squeeze her. sometimes, you are too rough but you are doing a great job of learning how to handle her. you have gotten her to belly laugh several times & its so much fun! we can't wait to watch you two together over the coming years.

my Jackabee. you are without a doubt the most wonderful little boy, ever. i can't remember life before you & i wouldn't go back to it for anything in this world. you are an absolute joy. every day, you make us laugh. we are learning how to discipline you just as you are trying to learn to obey. its a process but we are committed to being consistent with you. we can see that you want to please us & we pray you always have a tender & sensitive little heart. you are just the sweetest child & we are so proud of you.

Happy 21 months sweetheart. you are such a treasure. i love you to the moon & back.

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