Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jovie @ 6 Months!

sweet little girl. holy cow, you are 6 months old. where has this 1/2 a year gone too?! i can vividly remember bringing you home from the hospital & now, here you are practically crawling all over our house! sheesh, please slow down a little bit for your mother!

you are the best baby. this past month with you has been so easy. we are finally seeing you come out of that gosh awful reflux. you still spit up a lot but it doesn't seem to bother you anymore. and we are so very thankful for that. you have the sweetest little disposition. everyone always comments about how well behaved you are & how you are such a good baby. you can entertain yourself pretty easily but your favorite thing to do is watch Jack run like crazy all over our house. he keeps you laughing & we love it!

the week you turned 6 months old, you began weaning yourself from nursing. it was a bittersweet time for me. i loved nursing you & the bond that it created between us. and i was a little sad to see that time ending b/c i knew it meant you are growing up. however, i knew it was the right time for you. i'm comfortable with you being on formula & baby food. you are a great eater. you take about 6 bottles per day & you eat baby food twice per day. i usually give you 1 fruit & 1 veggie each day. so far you have tried: squash, apples, sweet potatoes, bananas, pears & carrots. and you have loved each of them. you have also tried a couple pieces of pizza crust, a graham cracker & even a french fry or two. and you haven't turned a single one of them down. i think its safe to say you are a healthy little eater!

this month your eyes have gotten darker & your hair has gotten lighter. your little face & legs are really filling out & we can are beginning to be able to tell who you are going to look like. your daddy thinks you favor Jack so much. and i think you definitely resemble him when he was your age. but, i think you look the most like your daddy. and i love that.

here are you 6 month stats:

weight: 14 lbs
height: 24 inches
head: 43-44 cm

you are now in the 25th percentile in weight & height. and you're in the 50th percentile in the size of your head. growing girl! you were a size 6 months in clothes but you can still fit into a few things that are size 3 months. you wear a size 2 diaper.

you love your jumperoo. its so fun to watch you bounce & bounce each day. you can sit up straight, with a little assistance. you almost have it down by yourself. you can push yourself up to sitting from laying on your tummy. you can also get up on all fours like you are going to crawl. you scoot all over our house & you crawl, in small increments. we are amazed by your determination & the funny positions you get yourself into.

you are definitely a feisty little girl! you are happy about 98% of the day. but when you get upset, you go from being calm to furious in about 15 seconds. its actually really funny! you are very much a mommy's girl. if i'm in the room, you're watching me. if i leave the room, you want me. and if daddy is holding you, you reach for me. funny girl. it can be exhausting, but i love it! however, you do love your daddy. you get so excited when he walks in a room & if anyone else, but me (most of the time) is holding you, then you reach for him. you do very well if i ever leave you at home with your daddy. i love the relationship you have with him. so sweet. you also love your brother so much. you love to pull his hair & slobber all over his face. you try to follow him around the house & you give him your biggest belly laughs!! we love to watch the 2 of you play together & we can't wait to see you chase each other all over our house.

we have endured so much change in the last month & we are so glad that you are un-phased by it! we have moved to Cordova, into a very nice 3 bedroom apartment. we plan on being here through the first of the year & then we'll be looking for a house in Olive Branch. we are also planting a church in Olive Branch called Revision Church. it launches, to the public, in January. so, we are super busy with core group meetings & trying to get word out about the church. we are in an exciting time of life & we are so thankful to have you & Jack.

Jovie, you are a blessing. you make me want another little girl! everyday with you is so much fun. you are the perfect fit for our family & we are just so proud to call you ours. we are praying for the Lord to save you at an early age & that you will follow Him all the days of your life. we love you so much & we are so thankful for you.

Happy 6 months my love. you are my favorite girl. ever.

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