Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crazy Busy Life

crazy & busy are two words that accurately describe our life right now. we have had the most hectic year of our marriage but also the sweetest. we are doing well, just so busy. the days run together & sometimes i feel like we are living in a blur! such is the life with 2 kids under 2 & planting a church.

i know i'm the worst blogger ever. i really do want to blog, in fact i think about it often. but to be honest, when my kids are awake i don't have time to sit down & write. Jovie is crawling all over our house & putting everything in her mouth & Jack is into everything. he plays very well by himself but he loves to try & plug things in the outlets which keeps me on my toes! we do have the outlet covers but he's way too smart for those! he just pulls them right out. i'm constantly picking up after them & doing housework. so, if i get to sit down during the day then i'm either writing out lists for groceries, writing out a to-do list or writing down our crazy schedule in my planner. i just don't feel like i can concentrate enough during the day to blog! and at night time, when my kids crash in bed, then i'm just plum worn out! i do my Jillian Michaels video (kill me now) each night, study my bible, snuggle with the husband & go to bed. but i'm really trying to get better. i want a digital record of our lives. so, for myself, i'm committing to blog more!

our church plant, Revision, is really going well. we are all working so hard & putting in so much time, prayer & energy into getting it off the ground. i can't wait to do a post solely about the church. the Lord has really given me a heart for what we're doing. i'm so excited about this next phase in our life. and even though it means that for right now, we have no money & we live 30-40 minutes away from our church, we are completely content with where the Lord has us. we are so confident that we are in His will. we are surrounded my wonderful friends & family that are part of this process. we have such a strong core group & we are thrilled & thankful for the people around us. we are trusting the Lord to provide the money we need to live & get our church running. He is always so faithful. we really can't complain. Praise Him!

our children are so fun. i just love them more each day. i praise the Lord for allowing me to be at home with them. i do not take it for granted. my only complaint is that Jack & Jovie are growing up way too fast. my boy is about to be 2 years old! and my girl just started crawling. i must confess, i've had baby fever lately! i love jovie's age. i love that she is still a baby & so dependent but i know it won't be long & she'll be a year old & into the toddler phase! i definitely don't want to get pregnant this year. but maybe towards the last half of next year. we'll see. Ben isn't quite sure about when he wants another one! i'm not in a rush but i'm excited to have a 3rd baby someday. the Lord has showed me that i'm not done having kids & i love that! i've started a MotherWise bible study this week & i'm so excited about spending time with other moms & learning how to be the best mom i can be through Christ.

overall, we are doing really well right now. everything is not perfect. we do struggle, every day. planting a church is hard work. raising 2 kids is hard work. but when the Lord calls you to it, i believe that He equips you for it. this year is moving quickly. but we're looking forward to the fall & holiday season together as a family. we LOVE our new apartment & we're ok with being here until the spring or whenever the Lord gives us a house. we are learning so much & growing closer together in this crazy time! we are so blessed & we are so thankful. Praise be to Him!


Jessica Kenney said...

Glad things are going well. You are only about 30 min away now. We need to get together. I'll let you hold my baby :)

Dina said...

I think starting a new church is so exciting and I am sure overwhelming. I can't wait to hear more about it!

And I LOVE the picture of Jovie on your sidebar. I can't wait for Katie to be big enough for her bumbo seat.