Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jack @ 23 Months!!

oh my sweet boy. you are 23 months old today! i can not believe that you will be 2 years old next month. where has the time gone?! you are growing & learning so much right now. we are so proud of you!

you are just getting over a 12 day bout of tummy virus & head cold. it has not been fun. i think you have even lost a little bit of weight b/c you can wear a size 4 diaper again. but i have kept you in a size 5 b/c that is what we have around the house. you are wearing 12-18 months in pants & 18-24 months in shirts. you weigh around 23 lbs and you are in a size 6 shoe. i can't wait to find out all of your official stats at your 2 year appt next month with Dr Bubba!

you are really making strides in your speech this month. you literally try to repeat everything we say. you want to know the word or name for everything & we can tell that you try to remember it. you can recognize & say the letters: T, C, E & R. you can point to the letter J when prompted but you can't say it yet! you have learned the color blue. we are working on the other colors but blue has been the easiest for you. you can recognize & say the shapes: heart, star, circle, triangle & square. you have begun saying several new words this month: Lolli, Poppa, Mamie, Jenna, Sassy, Linny, Katie, Kenny, Tommy, Fire Truck (you've always said this but its getting clearer), Pasta, Pizza, Cup, Snack, Drink, Thank You, No, Bathroom, Bathtub, Potty, Diaper, Door, Bear, Shoe, Sock, Slide, Seat & Bed. i'm sure there are more but when you add those to the words you already say, you are a real talker! you haven't started putting sentences together but i know it won't be long!

you're new favorite activity is coloring. i draw a few letters or shapes on a piece of paper & you love to draw on them. we do this at least once per day. its been a great way to teach you new things. we also bought you some bath tub crayons & foam letters/shapes for the tub. bath time has become so fun for you & Jovie. and we love watching you learn! you still carry around a truck or a car 24/7. its adorable. we keep some in the diaper bag, the car & even one in your bed. we love to watch you have fun as you play with them. we can tell that you are all boy & we love it!

you love to be outside, all the time. we are so thankful that seminary housing has a playground. we take you to slide everyday. you have such a good time playing out there. you love to watch the big kids & try to copy what they do! you have even learned to climb up the slide, cross the wobbly bridge & climb the steps! such a big boy! we take walks outside on a regular basis & you love to point out each car & truck along the way.

you are such a big help with Jovie. you love to put her paci in her mouth, try to feed her a bottle, give her the lovie, hand her a toy, make her giggle & you've even tried to wipe her face, hands & bottom with diaper wipes! its so sweet! you love to play in the same room as her & "help" me put her to bed. you are such a great big brother. we can tell that you are a little protective of her & we hope you stay that way your whole life!

you have become a picky eater this past month. you only want a cereal bar & milk for breakfast. only a peanut butter & honey sandwich for lunch & some sort of chicken for dinner. we are trying to introduce new fruits & veggies to you but it hasn't been easy. you love juice, chocolate milk, apples & sprite!

you are still very interested in anything that has to do with cleaning! you love the vacuum, broom, mop, & duster. you always take a diaper wipe & wipe down the counters or coffee table. you love to throw trash in the trash can & you've even tried to help me make the beds! i hope you keep this love of cleaning!

Jack, you are such a joy. we love each day with you. watching you grow & learn has been such a blessing for us. you are such a sweet & smart little boy. overall, you are very obedient & you have such a tender heart. you are our very favorite toddler!!!

happy 23 months, sweet boy. you are a precious gift & we love you so very much!

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Ashley Fisher :) said...

Can't believe our babies are growing up!!! I love my some Jack; he is adorable!!