Monday, April 4, 2011


um. i'm 28 today. holy guacamole. 30 is just around the corner. and can i just say, i'm loving getting older. i really, really am. not to sound too sentimental or corny, but life just gets sweeter with time. i'm excited to see how different my life will look by the time i'm 30 years old!

my 27th year was my best yet. the Lord seriously moved in my life & the life of my family. i had 2 kids, we left our church, moved to Cordova, Ben graduated seminary & we planted a church. big changes for us. all so exciting & fun.

it is so easy to say that i am most thankful for a healthy marriage & precious kids. obviously, the highlight of my birthday & years to come. but i am also thankful for our church, Revision. i could write a whole post about all that i have learned since January, when our church launched. maybe another time. i'm thankful for sweet friends that encourage me, a family that is supportive & the Lord's provision in every detail. He has been so faithful.

i am praying for big things for my 28th year. some i will keep personal but i want to share a few.

1. grow deeper in my walk with Jesus. this sounds so 'suzy sunday school' but its true. He has given me new responsibilities within ministry. so i need to be constantly growing & clinging to His word.

2. buy a house in Olive Branch. this is our biggest, most pressing issue. our heart is in this city & we want to be available in every area. including being able to open our home to our church & the community. we are hoping to move this summer. but we are still praying for wisdom so that we find the right house at the right time.

3. be intentional in my relationships. i want to cultivate new friendships. i have a sweet best friend. and a couple very close friends. and i know that i can't be bff with everyone. but i want to make a genuine effort to love on people. specifically younger girls. i am currently discipling 2 precious girls & i'm praying that the Lord will help me to empty myself & pour my heart into them.

4. i want to serve. in any way i can. maybe help clean a house, take a meal, babysit for a friend or give of my time. i have really been convicted in this area. i am busy with 2 toddlers, but i still have time to give to others.

5. continue to lose weight & exercise. since January 17, i have lost 23 lbs!!! can i get an amen?! and i am exercising about 5-6 times per week. i am trying hard, eating better, counting calories & watching portion sizes. i try to go to Zumba twice a week & get outside with my kids to exercise or play. i want to lose as much weight as possible before December. can you guess why?!!

6. put my family first. always. i don't really feel like that this is much of a problem at the moment. but i know life gets busy, schedules get hectic & we get stressed. i just want to stay focused on what is important. serving my family. so thankful for them.

i am looking forward to all that 28 is holding for me!! i love birthdays!

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