Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jovie @ 15 Months!

sweet girl, you are 15 months old! i give up on talking about how quickly you are growing & how much i want you to slow down. because, let's face it, you are still growing! can't stop that process but i am trying so hard to soak in every moment of you at this age because you are SO much fun!

at 15 months, you weigh 22 lbs. not sure about your height or head measurements, i'll get those when we go visit Dr Bubba next week! you wear size 12 month pants & 18 month shirts & 12-18 months in dresses. you are in a size 4 shoe & size 4 diaper. you have precious chunky legs, a potbelly & sweet little cheeks. you have tons of brown hair that sometimes looks strawberry blonde. you have dark green eyes & chubby baby feet. i absolutely LOVE your baby body, it is so sweet.

you are definitely trying to say a few words this month. you can already say: momma, dada, uh oh. you have started saying "bye bye, night night & no" you are a pro when it comes to grunting when you don't like something. you are pretty even tempered 99% of the time. but you go from happy to furious in about 1 second. its hilarious. you are still a great eater. the only food i've found that you don't love is strawberries. other than that, you will try anything! you love veggies & i'm so thankful for that!

its amazing what you have learned just by watching Jack. you copy so much of his behavior, which sometimes is not a good thing! you throw fits (sitting on the ground, hitting yourself & grunting) in the exact way he does. you play with his toy cars & drive them around just like he does. pretty much, if he's doing something, you want to do it. if he's eating something, you want to eat it & if he is playing with something, you want the same toy. its so funny how much you copy him but still have your own personality. you love brother so much.

you are so smart. constantly trying to figure out how things work. you have figured out where we keep certain things in the house & if they aren't locked up, you try to get them on your own. you love to open & shut doors or cabinets. you are very independent. you want to do everything yourself. you won't let me feed you anything & you hate when i try to get you dressed!

you are a very loving baby. every morning or afternoon, when you get out of bed you have to grab your paci & blanket before you get up. you carry them around the house all day long. you love to sit & snuggle with me or dada. you have a very sensitive little spirit. you are so devastated when dada spanks you or tells you no no in a firm voice. you are definitely still a momma's girl & i really enjoy all the extra attention from you.

you are still the busiest kid i've ever seen but i don't mind b/c you sleep so well! you take 1-2 naps per day, just depending on our schedule. you go to bed around 8:30 pm & sleep at least 12 hours. you wear me out each day but we have so much fun watching you play! you got a baby doll stroller for Easter & that is definitely your favorite toy. you will push anything in it. we've caught you pushing: paci, blanket, cars, babies, toilet paper, socks, underwear, diapers, remotes, clothing & silverware. its hilarious. you just think anything goes in that stroller & you happily push it around! its so sweet to watch you!

Jovie Claire. you are such a joy! i could just eat you up. i love being your mom & taking care of you is so much fun. you are a blessing to our family. you make me want to have a house full of girls, despite how dramatic you are all day long! ha! we are so thankful for your little life & we are praying you know Jesus at an early age.

happy 15 months to my favorite little girl in the world! love you so much!

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