Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

on Easter afternoon, my nephews, Nelson & Drew decided to create a little Easter Egg Hunt for Jack & Jovie. i think they had as much fun "hiding" the eggs as Jack & Jovie did looking for them! it was adorable. eggs were everywhere & in the most obvious places. it took Jovie a minute to figure it out, but once she did, she was off & running. she was even stealing eggs from Jack's basket. hilarious. i love that a simple activity of picking up eggs is extremely entertaining to my kids! i might have to keep that in mind for a rainy day. ha!

some pics & videos from our Egg Hunt:

sweet girl learning how to hunt eggs!

checking out all her eggs!

she was so proud of all the eggs she found!

i LOVE this picture of her sweet face!!

Jack loved the Egg Hunt. he ran all over the yard saying "eggs, eggs, eggs!"

he kept running up to me to show me all the eggs he found!

off to find more eggs!

do you see Lightning McQueen?! he had to go along for the ride. hilarious!

once Jack put his basket down, Jovie ran over & began stealing eggs from his basket! so funny!

sitting in the sun & trying to open her eggs to find candy!

and now we're off to find more eggs!!

a cute video of the kids looking of eggs:
(Ben has another one on his iphone that i want to get & post later)

can't wait to do another Egg Hunt with Jack & Jovie. kids just make every single holiday so much more fun. love it!

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