Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ft Myers Vacation: Cars 2

our day 5 was really fun. Jack & I went in the morning to get his stitches removed while Ben & Jovie went swimming. Jack did FANTASTIC when they took out the stitches. they just laid him back & clipped them right out. he barely made a peep. i was so proud of him.

after lunch & naps we went to see Cars 2 & eat at Big Al's for dinner. it was the first time for both Jack & Jovie to be in the movie theatre. we were a little nervous about how they would do with everything but they did way better than we anticipated. there were plenty of other little ones in the movie with us, which made it fun. Jack & Jovie loved the environment & they had a great time getting to sit in their own chairs. we were able to make it through about 3/4 of the movie. they were able to recognize the characters in the movie which made it cute. we slipped out of the movie & headed for supper.

Big Al's is one of our favorite places in Ft Myers. we try to go about 2 or 3 times during each trip to the condo! ha! everything on the menu is excellent. one crazy thing did happen. Jovie must have had a little bit too much chocolate milk to drink b/c after she ate, she threw up EVERYWHERE. all over our table, her food, her clothes, the floor. it was disgusting. and everyone in the restaurant realized what was going on. our poor waiter was sweet & helped clean up without a complaint. we tipped him big! ha! i had to take Jovie to the bathroom & strip her down & bathe her in the sink. we quickly paid our bill & got out of there, ha! talk about humbling. it was wild. (sorry if its TMI. ha!)

after dinner, we headed home & took baths. we got the kids in bed a little early so we could get up the next morning & go to the beach!

i'm so thankful for the fun memories we made that day with our kids.

(some of these photos are grainy b/c i had to take them indoors, with my iPhone)

getting his stitches out. yay!

movie time. this theatre is awesome. so clean & fun on the inside.

there was no chance she was going in without that blanket & paci

me & sweet Jovie. i hate that this is so grainy.
Jack was SO excited to see "ynin mateen" (lightning mcqueen) on the big screen!

at Big Al's eating dinner

goofy boy

vacation is such a blessing. we are loving all this family time.

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