Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ft Myers Vacation: Putt Putt

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day 4 we went to Putt Putt. the course is called Congo River & it is probably the nicest mini golf course i've ever seen. Jack & Jovie loved it! they tried to use their little putters to hit the ball in the hole each time. they also really loved looking at all of the stuff on the course. they had so much fun running around & playing. so glad we took them to do that. it was such a fun memory to make with them!

Jack & Jovie LOVED the waterfall. i think they said "water" about 400 times!

playing the first hole

learning to use his putter

even Jovie tried it out. so cute.

he was so proud that he figured it out. he said "yay Jack!"

i think he showed me his red golf ball every other minute. he was thrilled to death to have his own ball to play with on the course.

he would carry the ball right up to the hole & hit it in. forget trying to putt from a distance!

and again, showing me the golf ball. so sweet.

Jovie cared more about carrying her ball around than trying to putt.

he tried to use Ben's putter. i think it was about as tall as he was. so funny.

the water flowed right through the jeep. or "tractor" as Jack called it. he was so fascinated by the car & the water that he tried to walk down to it. almost gave me a heart attack. ha!

sweet babies watching dada putt

giving some love. they are so sweet to each other. (most of the time, ha!)

sweet Jovie girl. she is growing up too fast for me.

the real plane in the middle of the course. it was actually really cool & of course, Jack loved it!

cutest boy.

my attempt at a picture of them together. take 1: cute grin from Jack while Jovie ignores me.

take 2: cute paci grin from Jovie while Jack ignores me.

take 3: both looking at the camera. its a miracle! and a decent picture, i'll take what i can get these days! ha!

we had SO much fun at putt putt. Jack even asked to go back as we pulled out of the parking lot.
we ended up going a 2nd time when Ben's family got to the condo.

and thanks to Congo River, my kids slept like babies that night!

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