Thursday, May 3, 2012

the family meets Judah

a couple months before Judah was born, Katie offered to take pictures of Jack and Jovie meeting him for the first time. i was so glad she suggested this b/c i had not even thought about that yet! it was so nice to not have to worry about taking pictures myself. i was able to just enjoy everyone meeting him. plus, Katie is an incredible photographer. such natural talent and i am so thankful b/c i could never capture things in the way that she does. i am so thankful for a sweet sister that is so giving to me in this way. she has provided me with years of memories just by blessing me with her skill. 

i love all of these images. so excited to have them.

i love this of Jovie trying to catch a peak at Judah. precious.

my kid LOVES soap

we gave Jack and Jovie new books for the hospital. 

sweet girl missed me. and she was sad that i wasn't going home with her. love her .

Judah meeting Lolli and my brothers

Judah meeting Deda and Mamie

Judah meeting Poppa

Judah meeting Aunt Jenna

Jovie would not leave my side. bless her heart.

probably my favorite picture of the day. so sweet & innocent.

Jovie's idea of giving love to baby Judah

first picture as a family of 5!!

love this.

Jack and Deda leaving the hospital. adorable.

these pictures are priceless to me!! so thankful for my sister.

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