Monday, May 14, 2012

May 1-12

we have spent the past 2 weeks just enjoying Judah. we haven't really gotten out of the house much just b/c i'm still recovering from surgery and pretty sore. not to mention really tired from getting up with a newborn all night and then up with 2 toddlers all day. but i must say, as tired as i feel, i seem to have more energy post baby than any of my other births. i really believe its just the Lord sustaining me. 

we have had a good time just being at home as a family. our sweet church family has been so generous to provide us with meals each night. it has been SUCH a blessing b/c there is just no way i feel like cooking right now. and we have loved having a visitor each night. it makes not getting out of the house a little easier. 

we are having so much fun as a family of 5. having 3 kids is a lot of work but i can tell that we are going to love it. i can't wait for Judah to interact with Jack and Jovie. and i am so thankful to have such a loving and helpful husband. i really couldn't survive right now without him!

a few pictures from this month, so far.

whenever Jack or Jovie want to hold Judah they say "i need to take care of him"

first nap at Mamie's house

1 week old

my goodness i love these 2 little boys. i'm praying they are best friends.

she calls Judah "my baby brudder"

we have watched lots of movies together

time for a sponge bath. that he did not love.

our sweet friends, Terry & Kayla, had baby Hudson less than 48 hours before we had Judah. i'm excited for them to grow up together!!

i can't believe i have 3 kids. i guess i am officially a grown up. wow.

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