Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 1-14

so far we have had a really fun month. we are trying to stay busy and play outside when we can. i have been working really hard to get Judah on a schedule. well, as much of a schedule we can do with 2 toddlers and a busy life. 

one fun thing about June is that it is full of fun memories for our family. the FedEx St Jude golf tournament is every year, around the first week of June at Southwind, where Ben's parents live. Ben and I started dating at this tournament on June 10, 2001. we have been together ever since.

on June 8, 2006 Ben and I got engaged.
on June 27, 2008 we found out that we were having our first little BOY, Jack!
on June 12, 2009 we found out we were pregnant with baby #2.

its fun for me to recall these dates each June. mainly b/c now we have 3 sweet kids and we can be so thankful for all the Lord has done over the last 11 years of our relationship. 

anywho. here are some fun pictures from our past 2 weeks!

sleeping sitting straight up while i'm trying to burp him. funny boy.

watching Star Wars. Episode 4. Jack has really gotten into those old movies. he loves Darth Vader!

swinging at the park. she wanted to wear her sunglasses b/c i was wearing mine. and i realize it looks like she is wearing lipstick or lipgloss but she is not. ha!

beautiful girl in her sweet little skirt from Aunt Lindsay

me and my sweet Judah bug.

Jack really enjoys Strawberry Crystal Light!

first time on his play mat. he loved it.

we spent a lot of time at Mamie and Deda's house during the golf tournament. Jack and Jovie did a lot of swimming. we had to stop for a few cheeto breaks!

Judah took great naps on the porch

Galatians 5:13-14. through love, serve one another. the Lord is using this to teach me to always serve my sweet family, with love. and not obligation or grumbling.

sleeping on my lap

my dad gave us this water slide! my brother set it up at my parents house one night and Jack and Jovie got to test it out! they had a blast.

Psalm 116:7. i can rest because the Lord has always been good to me. i read this on my cousin's blog and it blessed my heart so much. SUCH a sweet reminder.

i gave Jovie a mani/pedi on a rainy afternoon. she got to pick the colors and she is so proud.

Jack and Jovie helped me make some cookies

sweet kiddos tried to sneak some cookie dough!

me and my sweet baby. Judah turned 7 weeks old on June 13

we got a hand me down bike from Ben's cousin. Jack is obsessed with it. he asks to ride it every day. he hasn't quite gotten the concept yet. but he looks like such a big boy and it makes me so sad to know he is growing up!

we decided to redeem an offer i got from Living Social for some cupcakes! they are pretty yummy!

Jovie and Ben had Daddy/Daughter Date Night tonight at Chick-Fil-A. she was so excited. she got a rose, got to do a craft, they had their own waitress and they even got to ride in a pink stretch limo! such a sweet memory for them.

i'm so thankful for the Lord's faithfulness to my family. He has been so gracious and i'm truly overwhelmed by his goodness to us. 

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